Top Tips for Selecting Ripe Summer Fruits

Feeling A Bit Bruised By Your Supermarket Experience? Go Fruit Shopping with and our top tips fro selecting ripe summer fruits!

This Summer, How Can Shoppers Tell Which Fruit is Ripe for the Pickin’?

Fruit shoppers have a tendency to get creative when discerning ripe from unripe fruit, thumping their way through a process that is more formulaic than artistic. Here at we have put together some guidelines to help savvy consumers find the freshest fruits for tantalizing dining and snacking experiences.

Shoppers should remember that each fruit is different; tips on how to find the ripest of the ripe on a fruit-by-fruit basis are available in full at On our fruits section, we have delicious summer recipes to help consumers put their fruit to good use, especially when using juicers to create yummy, healthy juices.


So how can you pick the most delicious fruits? The following tips can guide consumers to choose the best of the best:

• If you feel inclined to thump your watermelon, make sure to listen for a hollow sound. For a more effective freshness test, choose a melon that is heavy for its size and has a mild yellow underside. Keep cut-up watermelon for a week in an air-tight container; uncut melon will last three weeks.


• A red blush on a peach doesn’t always mean it is ripe. Peaches that give with soft pressure and have a strong aroma and no dark or mushy spots taste the best. Remember that peaches ripen most on the tree; for a little further ripening, place peaches in a brown paper bag on a counter for a day or two to soften.


• Firm-textured, deep-red cherries stay tasty in the refrigerator for several days and in the freezer for up to one year. Avoid cherries that are too dark or too soft.


• Cantaloupe should have a yellowish tinge to the rind and should yield to soft pressure, applied most effectively by your thumb. Melons with the stem still attached are immature and will not yield the best flavor.


• The ‘eyes’ of a pineapple tell you if it is ripe; make sure they are all roughly the same size. Unlike a lot of other popular fruits, pineapples will continue to ripen if stored at room temperature.


Washing all of your fruit before slicing, dicing and digesting it is an important part of the dining experience. Remember: any bacteria and germs that might have collected on the skin of the fruit will enter it when you plunge the knife in.


Once you’ve chosen the perfect fruit, use it to concoct one of the following delicious drinks to beat the summer heat!


• Watermelon Berry Slush – A tasty blend of frozen watermelon, frozen raspberries and mineral water, processed until smooth.

• Blueberry Daiquiri – A mélange of lime juice, blueberries and rum, blended together with ice and garnished with skewered blueberries.


• Watermelon Citrus Cooler – A frozen watermelon ball on a skewer placed in glasses filled with a watermelon-grapefruit-orange juice and sugar mixture.


With the tips and tricks provided, your fruit shopping expertise will lead you to the ripest and the juiciest that the supermarket has to offer. Celebrate your professional shopping experiences with a refreshing summer drink. Don’t forget we have some great ideas for buying the best juicer to create these fruity masterpieces!

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