Super Angel DELUXE Model Review

The all-new, upgraded Super Angel Deluxe comes in a beautiful stainless steel housing, with all-metal components designed for both rugged durability and unmistakable aesthetic appeal. The powerful motor comes with both a cooling sensor and automatic reverse function, meaning it’ll never get clogged or overheated, allowing for continuous juicing without heat damage or vital enzyme destruction. Onboard sensors and included fuse protect the unit from damage, while the generous stainless steel feed tube and twin-gear motor extract juice beautifully with a minimum of foam and froth.

It’s important to read the instruction manual carefully before using the Super Angel Deluxe for the first time, but once in operation, it’s easy to see why this juicer is one of the most popular models on the market today. The Super Angel Deluxe comes with silicone O-rings and a special extractor for soft fruit, making it extremely efficient at extracting the maximum amount of juice out of sprouts, herbs, leafy greens, and even juicing wheatgrass. With a gorgeous chrome all-stainless steel design, the Super Angel Deluxe is truly a beautiful appliance, designed for both power and quietly efficient performance.




super angel deluxe model


  • Made entirely from .304 18-8 stainless steel
  • Gorgeous streamlined chrome design
  • Special component for soft fruit juice extraction
  • Anti-jamming system reverses and adjusts speed automatically
  • Onboard cooling system prevents heat damage to juice
  • Automatic motor thermal sensor
  • Upgraded and reinforced to comply with all U.S. electrical specifications



  • Clean-up is easy but the multiple components take a bit more effort to clean thoroughly
  • Stainless steel design is beautiful but can attract fingerprints


JuicerLand Ratings For The Super Angel DELUXE Model

User Friendliness – 5/5
Right out of the box, the Super Angel Deluxe can look a little intimidating, but juicing is simple and easy with the touch of a button. Sensors and a reverse function automatically prevent overload, and the generous chrome feed tube allows for minimal prep time.

Cleaning – 5/5
The unit comes included with a special cleaning brush and screen scraper to make clean-up simple and fast. Rugged stainless steel design makes it easy to clean.

Quality of Juice – 5/5
Thanks to an all-new upgrade to the extractor system, the Super Angel Deluxe makes top-quality juice. The special extractor for soft fruit squeezes every drop from leafy greens and other pulpy foods.

Performance – 5/5
One of the most rugged and powerful juicers available on the market, the all-steel design of the Super Angel Deluxe allows it to easily juice an entire basket’s worth of fruits and vegetables. With a built-in automatic reverse function and cooling sensor, the Super Angel Deluxe is designed for maximum efficiency and power.

Noise – 5/5
The Super Angel Deluxe is not the quietest juicer on the market, but the solid stainless steel design reduces vibration and motor whine to a respectable minimum.

Juice Yield – 4/5
Using either the standard extractor or the special extractor for soft fruits, the Super Angel Deluxe is designed to yield the most juice out of both tough and soft, leafy vegetables.


Features & Specification

In the box you get the main stainless steel unit, one twin gear set, one splash guard, three silicone O-rings, one special extractor for soft fruit, one stainless steel juice extractor, one cleaning brush, one scrubbing bristle, one screen scraper, one wooden food pusher, one pulp collector, one Pyrex cup for juice collection, one extra fuse, juicing recipe book, and instruction manual.

  • The unit weighs approximately 28 pounds
  • Measures 19.5 by 7.8 by 10.5 inches
  • Comes with a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty on the motor and gears
  • 5-year warranty for other components
  • Safety sensors prevent overloading, jamming, and overheating
  • Special cooling sensor adjusts motor speed automatically
  • Upgraded to be compliant with all U.S. electrical specifications



Overall Verdict of The Super Angel DELUXE Model

While many competing juicers on the market are made from plastic, the Super Angel Deluxe is uniquely made from all stainless steel components, adding reliably ruggedness to its beautiful chrome exterior. With a number of onboard sensors, and the ability to automatically reverse in case of overload, the Super Angel Deluxe can easily provide continuous operation for an entire family’s worth of juice.

The self-adjusting motor gears down to the right speed for every type of fruit or vegetable, meaning you get the most amount of juice every time. Few other juicers look as stylish and beautiful as the Super Angel Deluxe, and few other machines can match the powerful extraction technology of this delightful machine.