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The History of Omega Juicers

In the early 1960s, a man named Robert Leo began investigating the nutritional benefits of juicing, learning about how the simple act of extracting juice from fruits and vegetables could have a tremendously positive impact on a person’s health, lifestyle and spiritual well-being. After spending more than 20 years working with one of the first national manufacturers of juicers, Robert Leo launched his own company named Olympic Products to deliver the very best juicers using the latest technology. Later renamed Omega Products, the company continues to be the only business carrying a full range of centrifugal, masticating, and pulp ejecting juicers.

In 2009, Omega Products was purchased by Legacy Companies, a top manufacturer of kitchen appliances. Since that time, Omega has continued to lead the industry by making only the finest quality & best juicers to give health conscious individuals full control over their health and happiness.





Pros & Cons of Omega Juicers


With over 50 years of experience of the benefits of juicing and research into constantly improving the efficacy and design of juicing technology, Omega is clearly the industry leader with a full range of centrifugal and masticating juicers.

Beginning with affordable centrifugal type juicers ideal for individuals who are interested in experiencing the multiple benefits of incorporating fresh-made juice from whole fruits and vegetables into their lifestyle to the very high-end masticating juicers designed for dedicated health-conscious consumers fully cognizant of the incredible blessings of consuming juice as an integral part of their diet, Omega has certainly earned its stellar reputation as the country’s most trusted name in juicers.

While decades of research have gone into refining the efficacy and efficiency of extracting juice on the inside of every juicer, the full range of juicers manufactured by Omega are instantly recognizable on any kitchen counter thanks to their stylish design and attractive ergonomic appearance. Certainly, every juicer must be evaluated on its ability and ease of use in extracting juice from vegetables and fruits, but Omega stands head and shoulders above other manufacturers for going the extra mile in making sure that their juicers have a low counter footprint, an aesthetically pleasing design that encourages people to juice on a regular and consistent basis.

Well-designed and engineered to produce thousands of glasses of silky smooth juice, the purchase of an Omega juicer is an excellent investment of both money and in the future of your health, happiness and well-being.




With so many different models and designs to choose from, it would be difficult indeed to point to any inherent deficiency in the Omega line of juicers. About the only accurate consideration that one could make concerning the range of Omega juicers is that you definitely will have to pay slightly more for the higher quality and better design as many inferior mass-produced juicers from overseas companies are usually sold at a lower price point.


Omega Vert

Omega VRT350 Review

The Omega VRT350 is unique in that it is a masticating juicer with a vertical design. Available in four different color designs, the Omega VRT350 has a very low kitchen counter “footprint”. Using a dual-stage single auger, the Omega VRT350 is capable of efficiently extracting juice from a variety of fruits and vegetables including soft leafy greens and wheatgrass. With a compact base measuring just 7 by 8.5 inches, the Omega VRT350 is simple to clean and can be easily stored in a cabinet or cupboard when not in use. Using a slow “cold press” method, the Omega VRT350 is very efficient at separating the juice from the pulp.

Omega MM900HDS Medical Slow Masticating Celery Juicer

Specifically designed for those who want to enjoy the health benefits of fresh celery, the MM900HDS from Omega features a low masticating speed of only 80 RPM. This low speed helps you break down the celery and get through the tough stalks and fibers to ensure that only the juice makes it to your glass. It comes with a green cap that works with any type of celery. Not only does this cap help the whole stalk get through the juicer, but it increases the yield of your juice. Thanks to the built-in handle, you can keep one hand on the juicer while you push through the stalks. The juicer also features a larger feed tray and a wider chute to help you juice more stalks at a time. All of the juices made with the MM900HDS will last for up to 72 hours without losing any of their nutritional benefits.


Omega NC800 Juicer

The Omega NC800 is now the fifth generation of this industry-leading dual stage masticating juicer. The Omega NC800 comes with an attractive silver and black design with convenient carrying handle. With five adjustable settings, the Omega NC800 can easily juice a full range of fruits and vegetables, including hard vegetables like carrots and soft vegetable material like leafy greens and wheatgrass. The Omega NC800 comes with an automatic pulp ejection feature to prevent clogging or blockage and juices at a slow but efficient 80 RPM speed to ensure minimal damage to enzymes and oxidation of the juice. The unique design of the filter screen makes the Omega NC800 one of the easiest masticating juicers on the market to clean.

Omega J8005

Omega J8005 Juicer

The Omega J8005 comes in an attractive silver and black design, using a single gear dual-stage process to efficiently extract juice. Thanks to its automatic pulp ejection function, the Omega J8005 is designed for continual use, and its rugged engineering ensures that it will reliably extract thousands of glasses’ worth of juice. The low-speed 80 RPM masticating juice process minimizes foaming while protecting the valuable enzymes in the juice from heat damage and oxidation. The included attachments allow the Omega J8005 to also make nut butters, baby foods, pates, pasta, bread sticks, and sorbets.

Omega BMJ330

Omega BMJ330 Juicer

The Omega BMJ330 is a centrifugal style juicer with a very compact design measuring just 8 by 15 inches. The attractive chrome and black design looks good on any kitchen counter. The oversized “Mega Mouth” feeder chute minimizes the amount of prep time and the powerful 1/2 horsepower induction motor spins up to 12,000 RPM to efficiently and quickly juice fruits and vegetables. With a convenient drip-proof spout and large capacity pulp collector, the Omega BMJ330 is an excellent model for individuals who have never tried juicing before or simply want a compact and easy to use machine that is simple to clean and store when not in use.


Omega J8004 Juicer

The Omega J8004 comes in a lovely all-white design that will be an attractive addition to any kitchen counter. With a convenient carrying handle, the Omega J8004 offers portable juicing combined with a powerful masticating low-speed 80 RPM design that does an excellent job of efficiently extracting juice. The automatic pulp ejection technology of the Omega J8004 makes it simple and easy to continuously juice large volumes of fruits and vegetables using a dual-stage process that results in extremely dry pulp. The commercial grade motor of the Omega J8004 ensures years of rugged reliability in a juicer that measures just 15.5 by 14.5 by 6.5 inches. The included attachments allow the Omega J8004 to grind coffee, mince foods, make nut butters, homogenize foods, and extrude pasta and breadsticks.

Omega J8006HDS Quiet Dual-Stage Masticating Juicer

Omega designed the J8006HDS for those who want to make the same delicious cold press juices that their favorite shops make. With a maximum speed of just 80 RPM, it reduces the risk of oxidation and heat buildup on the motor. It has an efficient design that produces a dryer pulp and puts more juice in your glass. The small feet on the stand lift the juicer and give you enough space to slide your favorite glass underneath the extractor. Your juices will retain all of their natural benefits for up to 72 hours after you make them. This nice little juicer has a compact size to save on kitchen space and can replace some of your other small appliances. It makes gluten-free desserts from fruits as well as milk and butter from all of your favorite nuts. You can even use the juicer to chop coffee beans and herbs.

Interesting Facts about Omega Juicers

Using cutting edge technology, Omega leads the industry with centrifugal juicers capable of extracting up to 30% more juice than competitor’s models. The unique design of the stainless steel basket in their line of centrifugal juicers has an unparalleled ability to efficiently filter out pulp, resulting in crisp, refreshing and silky smooth juice every time.

Most Omega models come with the patented “Mega Mouth” oversized feeder chute to minimize the amount of prep time needed. The special pulp ejection technology in Omega juicers efficiently captures the solid material from juiced fruits and vegetables, making clean-up simple and easy.

Omega’s leading masticating style juicers give health-aware consumers the added ability to extract juice from leafy greens, wheat grass, herbs, and low-moisture fruits like bananas while using low-speed 80 RPM motors to prevent damage and oxidation of the essential enzymes in the juice.

Today, Omega is universally recognized as the top manufacturer of high-quality juicers in every segment of the market. Omega juicers are regularly used by health conscious professionals and juicing advocates thanks to their aesthetic appeal, ease of use, efficacy in extracting juice, and outstanding engineering.


How to Make the Most of an Omega Juicer

Individuals who are just now learning about the multitude of benefits that come with juicing would probably be best off starting with one of Omega’s line of centrifugal juicers. These juicers are simple to use, easy to clean up, and are a very affordable way to get introduced to the many positive results from incorporating fresh juice made from whole fruits and vegetables into your diet.

Juicing enthusiasts who have seen just how many benefits result with the regular consumption of fresh juice may upgrade to one of Omega’s fine line of masticating or cold-press juicers. While more expensive than the centrifugal models, the quality and control of a masticating juicer not only allows the addition of soft leafy greens, low-moisture fruits like bananas, herbs and wheatgrass into each daily portion of juice but also reduces enzyme damage and oxidation in each glass of extracted juice.

Not only does cold-pressed juice made in a masticating juice preserve a greater amount of the nutrition unlocked from the fruits and vegetables, but the juice can be safely stored for longer periods of time in a refrigerator without suffering from nutritional degradation. In addition, many of Omega’s masticating models can serve as a multi-use food processor, using included attachments to create nut butters, pates, baby foods, sorbets, pasta, and breadsticks as well as mincing and homogenizing food.

Regardless of which Omega juicer model you choose, know that you are embarking on a journey towards greater health, happiness, and well-being as you reward your body with the innumerable benefits of consuming the living enzymes, minerals, and vitamins that are contained in fresh, whole fruits and vegetables.


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