My name is Dan Hudson and I’m a personal trainer and blogger. I’m married to Zoe and we live in New York State in a little place called Ramona Beach.  I mainly blog on this site about juicing and the benefits that juicing can have on your life. It has changed mine completely in every way possible. I’m fitter, healthier and most important of all, happier.

I’ve always been into nutrition and looking after myself over the years and have an encyclopedic knowledge of fruit, veggies, vitamins, minerals, and the properties of each. This I feel makes me an authority on how to make a glass of juice that is awesome, tasty and most importantly, healthy.

I created to help educate people on what the best juicers are for their individual needs. It’s so important to match the right juicer to the proposed usage. I also wanted to give people tips on how to get the most out of their juicers and to build a solid and enjoyable habit of juicing.